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Origgi Giaime

Sport: Mountain bikes orienteering

Number of events: 59

DateEventDistrictSportClassClub, City PlaceResultDay
2018-08-12WOC JWOC EYOC sprint Waldviertel M Italy  dsq
2018-08-11WOC JWOC EYOC long Waldviertel M Italy 282:14:30
2018-08-08WOC JWOC EYOC middle Waldviertel M Italy  dsq
2018-08-07WOC JWOC mass start Waldviertel M Italy  dnf
2018-06-29European MTB orienteering championships Budapest M Italy   1 day
2 day
1:14:52 (39)   
2016-09-30WMOC and World Cup round 3 Kaunas M Italy   1 day
2 day
3 day
dsq S
1:04:37 (25) S
31:36 (33) S
2016-07-30WOC JWOC EYOC relay Mealhada M Italy 102:21:132 leg44:39 (  8)   
2016-07-29WOC JWOC EYOC long Agueda M Italy  dnf
2016-07-27WOC JWOC EYOC middle Valongo do Vouga, Agueda M Italy 2853:07
2016-07-25WOC JWOC EYOC sprint Cantanhede M Italy 2124:32
2015-08-22WOC JWOC relay Liberec M Italy  dsq1 legdsq   
2015-08-21WOC JWOC long Liberec M Italy  dsq
2015-08-19WOC JWOC sprint Liberec M Italy 3123:18
2015-08-18WOC JWOC middle Liberec M Italy  dsq
2014-08-30WOC JWOC EYOC relay Białystok M Italy 102:40:391 leg50:31 (11)   
2014-08-29WOC JWOC EYOC long Supraśl M Italy 121:57:47
2014-08-27WOC JWOC EYOC middle Leńce M Italy 281:03:40
2014-08-26WOC JWOC sprint Białystok M Italy 4124:58
2013-08-31WOC JWOC long Valgehobusemäe M Italy 302:10:06
2013-08-30WOC JWOC relay Rakvere M Italy  dsq2 leg52:19 (12)   
2013-08-28WOC JWOC middle Mõedaka M Italy 1451:05
2013-08-27WOC JWOC sprint Tapa M Italy  dsq
2012-08-26WOC JWOC long final Veszprém M Italy 131:38:17
2012-08-24WOC JWOC relay Öskü, Veszprém M Italy 72:31:532 leg46:55 (  6)   
2012-08-22WOC JWOC middle Nagyvazsony, Veszprém M Italy 1353:26
2012-08-21WOC JWOC sprint Öskü Dél, Veszprém M Italy 4131:05
2012-08-20WOC JWOC long qualification Joko-Hegy, Veszprém M2 Italy 31:14:39
2011-08-27WOC JWOC sprint Vicenza, Veneto M Italy 2229:32
2011-08-26WOC JWOC relay Vicenza, Veneto M Italy 62:48:373 leg54:57 (  3)   
2011-08-25WOC JWOC middle Vicenza, Veneto M Italy 131:02:02
2011-08-23WOC JWOC long final Vicenza, Veneto M Italy 62:07:56
2011-08-22WOC JWOC long qualification Vicenza, Veneto M3 Italy 31:27:18
2010-07-17WOC JWOC relay Montalegre M Italy 72:53:381 leg58:42 (10)   
2010-07-16WOC long final Montalegre M Italy 262:07:57
2010-07-14WOC long qualification Montalegre M1 Italy 91:17:27
2010-07-13WOC middle Montalegre M Italy 101:11:44
2010-07-11WOC JWOC sprint Montalegre M Italy 4627:07
2009-08-15WOC long final Ben Shemen M Italy 341:53:48
2009-08-14WOC sprint Ben Shemen M Italy 2226:49
2009-08-12WOC relay Ben Shemen M Italy 102:22:011 leg44:30 (  8)   
2009-08-11WOC middle Ben Shemen M Italy 481:10:16
2009-08-10WOC long qualification Ben Shemen M3 Italy 171:03:52
2009-06-27EC JWOC relay Hareskoven, North Zealand M Italy  3:22:232 leg1:04:29 (15)   
2009-06-26EC JWOC long Gribskov, North Zealand M Italy 421:59:12
2009-06-24EC JWOC middle Ganløse Ore, North Zealand M Italy 461:02:51
2009-06-23EC JWOC sprint Bøndernes Hegn, North Zealand M Italy 5432:56
2008-08-30WOC JWOC relay Ostróda, Stare Jabłonki M Italy 192:54:372 leg50:13 (14)   
2008-08-27WOC JWOC long qualification Ostróda, Stare Jabłonki M1 Italy  dsq
2008-08-26WOC JWOC middle Ostróda, Stare Jabłonki M Italy 331:03:47
2008-08-25WOC JWOC sprint Ostróda, Stare Jabłonki M Italy 4024:50
2007-08-11WOC relay Nové Mesto na Morave M Italy 162:35:131 leg53:17 (22)   
2007-08-09WOC long final Nové Mesto na Morave MB Italy  dsq
2007-08-08WOC long qualification Nové Mesto na Morave M3 Italy  dsq
2007-08-07WOC middle Nové Mesto na Morave M Italy 511:02:49
2007-08-06WOC sprint Nové Mesto na Morave M Italy 4017:44
2006-07-10WOC middle Joensuu M Italy 481:02:24
2005-09-09WOC relay Donovaly M Italy 93:27:422 leg1:08:31 (14)   
2005-09-07WOC long qualification Banska Bystrica M2 Italy 301:58:57
2005-09-06WOC middle Banska Bystrica M Italy 811:32:38