West Germany: national team

Junior World Orienteering Championships
Foot orienteering

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Individual start count is split into three columns:

  • F the main final without qualifications;
  • Q+F the main final with qualifications;
  • Q qualifications and not entering to the main final.
Family name, NameStartsRelay IndividualYears
Breckle Margit1 1  1990
Horn Anke1 1  1990
Jäger Meike1 1  1990
Kahmann Kerstin1 1  1990
Breckle Rolf211  1990
Gieselmann Marc Alwin211  1990
Gropius Marc Oliver211  1990
Halder Lothar211  1990
Hoffmann Sascha211  1990
Losel Dirk211  1990

Hall of Fame

PlaceFamily name, NameDateEventCountry
28Jäger Meike1990-07-13JWOC classic SWE
29Horn Anke1990-07-13JWOC classic SWE
42Breckle Margit1990-07-13JWOC classic SWE
11Gropius Marc Oliver1990-07-14JWOC relay SWE
Breckle Rolf
Losel Dirk
21Breckle Rolf1990-07-13JWOC classic SWE
31Losel Dirk1990-07-13JWOC classic SWE
36Gropius Marc Oliver1990-07-13JWOC classic SWE