United States of America: national team

European Orienteering Championships
Foot orienteering

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2000-2004, 2008-2012

Individual start count is split into three columns:

  • F the main final without qualifications;
  • Q+F the main final with qualifications;
  • Q qualifications and not entering to the main final.
Family name, NameStartsRelay IndividualYears
Brautigam Pavlina (Genova Pavlina)51  42010
Brautigam Viktoria31  22010
Lauenstein Sandra (Zürcher Sandra)1212182004, 2008, 2010
Saeger Samantha3  122012
Williams Karen3   32004
Hall Randy3   32004
Reader Syd3   32002
Riley Wyatt2   22000
Smith Ross3   32012

Hall of Fame

PlaceFamily name, NameDateEventCountry
17Zürcher Sandra2010-06-02EOC relay BUL
Brautigam Pavlina
Brautigam Viktoria
39Saeger Samantha2012-05-19EOC sprint final SWE
47Zürcher Sandra2008-05-31EOC middle final LAT
47Zürcher Sandra2010-05-30EOC sprint final BUL