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Sample: mulle t

Palmer Stephen

Sport: Foot orienteering
Year: 2001

Number of events: 9

DateEventDistrictSportClassClub, City PlaceResultDay
2001-08-19World games relay Akita X Great Britain 61:39:401 leg23:53 (11)   
2001-08-18World games middle Akita M Great Britain 3141:12
2001-08-04WOC short final Vattula, Tampere M Great Britain 3528:58
2001-08-03WOC short qual Tampere M2 Great Britain 1226:02
2001-08-02WOC relay Pulesjärvi, Tampere M Great Britain 83:01:273 leg40:43 (16)   
2001-07-31WOC classic final Teisko, Tampere M Great Britain 181:39:29
2001-07-30WOC classic qual Tampere M2 Great Britain 1858:30
2001-06-10NOC relay Mikkeli, FIN H21 Great Britain 12:55:481 leg1:04:51 (  3)   
2001-06-08NOC long and short Mikkeli H21 Great Britain   1 day
2 day
1:42:31 (48)   
31:20 (54)