Estonia: national team

World Games
Foot orienteering

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  • No relay leg times 2005;
  • No courses parameters in the events: 2001 and 2005.


Individual start count is split into three columns:

  • F the main final without qualifications;
  • Q+F the main final with qualifications;
  • Q qualifications and not entering to the main final.
Family name, NameStartsRelay IndividualYears
Åkerman Anu (Annus Anu)211  2001
Kaasiku Evely312  2017
Rebane Kirti1 1  2005
Rihma Annika514  2013, 2017
Saue Elo211  2001
Vanjuk Merike2 2  2009
Aibast Erik211  2001
Heinmann Kristo312  2017
Kärner Olle211  2001
Kivikas Kenny312  2017
Kraas Andreas1 1  2005

Hall of Fame

PlaceFamily name, NameDateEventCountry
11Rihma Annika2013-08-02World games sprint + middle COL
16Saue Elo2001-08-18World games middle JPN
20Rihma Annika2017-07-25World games sprint + middle POL
22Kaasiku Evely2017-07-25World games sprint + middle POL
23Rebane Kirti2005-07-16World games middle GER
23Rihma Annika2017-07-25World games sprint + middle POL
23Rihma Annika2013-08-02World games sprint + middle COL
18Kärner Olle2001-08-18World games middle JPN
24Kraas Andreas2005-07-16World games middle GER
26Kivikas Kenny2017-07-25World games sprint + middle POL
11Aibast Erik2001-08-19World games relay JPN
Annus Anu
Kärner Olle
Saue Elo
14Rihma Annika2017-07-27World games relay POL
Kivikas Kenny
Heinmann Kristo
Kaasiku Evely