New Zealand: national team

World Games
Foot orienteering

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  • No relay leg times 2005;
  • No courses parameters in the events: 2001 and 2005.


Individual start count is split into three columns:

  • F the main final without qualifications;
  • Q+F the main final with qualifications;
  • Q qualifications and not entering to the main final.
Family name, NameStartsRelay IndividualYears
Ingham Lizzie312  2009
Larsen Tania (Robinson Tania)312  2009
Morrison Kate312  2017
Robertson Laura312  2017
Smith Rachel312  2013
Whitla Georgia312  2013
Ashmore Darren312  2009
Cambridge Tane312  2013
Forne Christopher312  2013
Morrison Ross624  2009, 2017
Robertson Tim312  2017

Hall of Fame

PlaceFamily name, NameDateEventCountry
11Robertson Laura2017-07-25World games sprint + middle POL
14Larsen Tania2009-07-17World games sprint + middle TPE
21Ingham Lizzie2009-07-17World games sprint + middle TPE
10Morrison Ross2009-07-17World games sprint + middle TPE
15Robertson Tim2017-07-25World games sprint + middle POL
18Morrison Ross2009-07-17World games sprint + middle TPE
20Forne Christopher2013-08-02World games sprint + middle COL
21Ashmore Darren2009-07-17World games sprint + middle TPE
10Forne Christopher2013-08-04World games relay COL
Smith Rachel
Cambridge Tane
Whitla Georgia
11Morrison Ross2009-07-19World games relay TPE
Ingham Lizzie
Ashmore Darren
Larsen Tania
12Robertson Laura2017-07-27World games relay POL
Robertson Tim
Morrison Ross
Morrison Kate