Mėgėjų taurė
LTU, Vilnius, 2014-06-08

Split times of participant Sankauskis Adolfas

Day 1

Class V_MEG

Course 28.0 km 4 laps

CTime Mistake **PlaceSuperman
absoluteintervalbest difference *
15113:38:4318:4317:33 1:097%  9Natalevičius P.
25113:57:0618:2317:13 1:107%  5Klimavičius J.
35114:16:1319:0617:22 1:4410% 0:198Klimavičius J.
45114:35:1719:0317:25 1:389% 0:129Klimavičius J.
Result1:15:171:09:35 5:41 8%  0:316

* the positive difference is between the participants time and the best time, the negative difference is between the participants time if best and the second best time.

** mistake is recorded, if participant is more than 10 seconds behind his graph. Mistakes of more than 1 minute are ignored to calculate graph.