21st IARU Region 1 ARDF Championships
LTU, Druskininkai, 2017-09-05

Split times of participant Ovchinnikova Tatiana

Day 3

Class W

Course 5 C

CTime Mistake **PlaceSuperman
absoluteintervalbest difference *
18211:12:2317:2313:47 3:3626%  10Horova P., Parkhomenko O.
28111:25:2913:068:31 4:3554% 2:168Naumenko L.
38511:30:365:074:16 0:5120%  5Horova P.
48411:45:5415:1810:00 5:1853% 2:358Giklova N.
510011:52:006:064:26 1:4038% 0:2810Omova M.
 Fin11:52:160:160:13 0:0323%  13Horova P., Herashchenko D., Giklova N., Parkhomenko O.
Result57:1641:13 16:03 39%  5:199

* the positive difference is between the participants time and the best time, the negative difference is between the participants time if best and the second best time.

** mistake is recorded, if participant is more than 10 seconds behind his graph. Mistakes of more than 1 minute are ignored to calculate graph.