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FIN, Kemi-Keminmaa, 2022-03-15

Split times of participant Müller Nicola

Class M

Course 3.9 km

Cabsolute intervalbestdifference * Mistake **PlaceSuperman
113111:47:051:051:05     1Müller N., Baklid J.
217011:48:321:271:21 0:067%  14Baklid J.
317211:49:331:010:52 0:0917%  33Saarela V. P.
416211:52:152:422:31 0:117%  11Baklid J.
519611:53:471:321:26 0:067%  9Saarela V. P.
613211:54:340:470:45 0:024%  10Saarela V. P., Aas H. F., Rapp L., Toivonen E., Schnyder G., Wickbom R. G.
711511:56:081:341:29 0:056%  7Kotro T., Wickbom R. G.
812611:57:141:061:03 0:035%  9Toivonen E.
910011:57:450:310:27 0:0415%  17Maijala M.
 Fin11:58:080:230:21 0:0210%  17Boos C., Boos N., Saarela V. P., Nordstrom E., Jaama M., Rapp L., Wickbom R. G.
Result12:0811:20 0:48 7%   7

* the positive difference is between the participants time and the best time, the negative difference is between the participants time if best and the second best time.

** mistake is recorded, if participant is more than 10 seconds behind his graph. Mistakes of more than 1 minute are ignored to calculate graph.