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EOC sprint relay → Split times

LAT, Madona, 2023-02-05

Split times of participant Schnyder Gion

Day 1, leg 5

Class X

Course 2.2 km 12 C

Cabsolute intervalbestdifference * Mistake **PlaceSuperman
1318:33:191:461:18 0:2836% 0:1623Viippola A.
2328:34:020:430:39 0:0410%  12Baklid J.
3338:34:440:420:36 0:0617%  14Viippola A.
4348:35:180:340:34     1Schnyder G., Horvat P., Pritsik S., Habenicht T.
5368:35:400:220:22     1Schnyder G., Baklid J., Aas H. F., Laitamaki W., Ekstrom N., Müller N., Nagy J., Habenicht T.
6718:36:150:350:33 0:026%  9Baklid J., Aas H. F., Ekstrom N., Müller N.
7818:36:430:280:27 0:014%  5Baklid J., Laitamaki W., Müller N., Belomazhev S.
8578:37:180:350:32 0:039%  13Stahl J.
9488:37:580:400:37 0:038%  9Baklid J., Müller N.
10748:38:230:250:18 0:0739%  26Laitamaki W.
111008:38:540:310:28 0:0311%  15Baklid J., Laitamaki W., Habenicht T., Viippola A.
Result7:326:24 0:57 15%  0:169

* the positive difference is between the participants time and the best time, the negative difference is between the participants time if best and the second best time.

** mistake is recorded, if participant is more than 10 seconds behind his graph. Mistakes of more than 1 minute are ignored to calculate graph.