Serbia: national team

Junior World Orienteering Championships
Foot orienteering

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2012, 2014-2018

Individual start count is split into three columns:

  • F the main final without qualifications;
  • Q+F the main final with qualifications;
  • Q qualifications and not entering to the main final.
Family name, NameStartsRelay IndividualYears
Stanojevic Olga714 22016, 2018
Bilić Milos1126 32015, 2016, 2018
Bilić Nikola824112014, 2015
Bilić Stefan1236 32014, 2015, 2016
Lazic Sava714 22012, 2014

Hall of Fame

PlaceFamily name, NameDateEventCountry
73Stanojevic Olga2016-07-10JWOC sprint SUI
94Stanojevic Olga2018-07-10JWOC sprint HUN
124Stanojevic Olga2016-07-11JWOC long SUI
23Lazic Sava2014-07-27JWOC relay BUL
Bilić Nikola
Bilić Stefan
24Bilić Milos2018-07-10JWOC sprint HUN
28Bilić Stefan2015-07-10JWOC relay NOR
Bilić Milos
Bilić Nikola
31Bilić Stefan2016-07-15JWOC relay SUI
Bilić Milos
Stanojevic Olga
35Bilić Nikola2014-07-26JWOC middle BUL
37Bilić Milos2018-07-09JWOC long HUN
59Bilić Stefan2016-07-11JWOC long SUI
60Bilić Nikola2014-07-22JWOC sprint BUL
62Bilić Stefan2015-07-05JWOC sprint NOR
64Bilić Milos2016-07-10JWOC sprint SUI
82Lazic Sava2014-07-23JWOC long BUL
86Bilić Nikola2015-07-05JWOC sprint NOR
89Bilić Stefan2016-07-10JWOC sprint SUI
93Bilić Stefan2014-07-22JWOC sprint BUL
104Bilić Nikola2014-07-23JWOC long BUL
105Bilić Stefan2014-07-23JWOC long BUL
106Bilić Milos2015-07-09JWOC long NOR
110Bilić Stefan2015-07-09JWOC long NOR
111Bilić Milos2015-07-05JWOC sprint NOR
112Lazic Sava2012-07-09JWOC long SVK
120Bilić Milos2016-07-11JWOC long SUI