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Start times and won places statistics in orienteering

Müller Nicola

Club, City:

DateEventStart time graphPlace graph
2024-01-26 WOC JWOC EYOC middle middle
2024-01-23 WOC JWOC EYOC sprint sprint
2023-02-01 ESOC JWSOC EYSOC middle middle
2023-01-31 EOC JWOC EYOC sprint sprint
2022-03-18 WOC middle, JWOC EYOC long
2022-03-16 WOC pursuit, JWOC EYOC middle
2022-03-15 WOC JWOC EYOC sprint sprint
2022-02-22 FISU WUSOC Sprint sprint
2021-02-27 WOC JWOC EYOC middle middle
2021-02-24 WOC JWOC EYOC sprint sprint
2020-02-23 World cup, JWOC, EYOC long long
2020-02-22 World cup, JWOC, EYOC sprint sprint
2019-07-11 JWOC middle middle
2019-07-10 JWOC middle qual. middle q
2019-07-08 JWOC long long
2019-07-07 JWOC sprint sprint
2019-03-21 WOC, JWOC, EYOC sprint sprint
2019-03-20 WOC, JWOC, EYOC long long

Correlation between start times and the place is -0.31. A negative number means that a later start affects a better place, and the positive - vice versa.